Car Key Making & programming Locksmith Service in Jacksonville, Florida

If you’re having an issue such as a Lock out because of lost keys, don’t panic. Abi Locksmith, is near me. Our mobile key making machine can get your keys replaced or duplicated in record time. Don’t sweat out in the Florida sun, go inside and contact Abi.

Locked out of your car, truck, van, SUV, or your house? While this is not the most fortunate of situations, it is easily remedied if you Call Abi Locksmith in Jacksonville. If your keys are nowhere to be found, let us get you back in! We will then get started on replacing those lost or broken keys to correct your entire situation.

Broken key in the ignition? Not a problem, our automotive locksmith can quickly and easily remove the broken key with our expert tools action ac. Whether in a car, van or truck we’ll promptly get you back on the road to continue with your important and busy day.
If you need car key programming, we have it under control.

Affordable, friendly and professional, call our Locally Owned lockout and car key making service first at (904) 257-8353. Available in all of Jacksonville 24 hours a day.

Emergency Lockout. We’ll be there within 20 minutes to use our Fast and Reliable options to get you back in or on your way.

If you’ve lost your car keys or locked them inside your home or your car, call us! We get you back on the road in record time Our mobile Car Key Making machine provides a replacement, a duplicat (sp)key, whether you’ve experienced an Automotive issue like a car Lockout, trunk lockout, or just lost a set of keys. If you’re in Jacksonville, we are here to help! Dial (904) 257-8353, 24 hours most days.

We can install an auto high-security key or make a SmartKey for your vehicle. Cheaper and faster than the dealership. Lock your car from inside your home with the touch of a button.

We can replace:

  • Traditional Key: Traditional key, used in older automobiles.
  • Transponder Key: This key contains a computer chip, but can be duplicated.
  • Switchblade Key: Flips out like the knife for which it is named.
  • Smart Key: Keyless entry system, “electronic access and authorization system,“ per

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