Emergency Locksmith Service in Jacksonville, Florida USA
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Locked out of your vehicle, truck, van, SUV, or your residence? Not what you’d planned for the day, most likely. Call Abi if you’re in Jacksonville, Fl. and let us get you back in! Nobody likes to deal with an Emergency.

Don’t stand around and fret over an Emergency Lockout. Don’t waste your valuable time We’ll be there within 20 minutes to use our Fast and Reliable options to get you back in or on your way.

Smart key, broken key, or lost key is not a problem for our Professional Locksmith, among the most highly trained in all the USA. Our mobile Car Key Making machine keeps us ready to replace your key no matter the situation. Don’t make an Emergency Lock Out worse than it needs to be in Jacksonville, Florida USA.

Emergency Automotive Lock Out
Dial (904) 257-8353

An Automotive Lock Out can put you in a dangerous situation. Don’t wait, call us immediately if you’re in Jacksonville, Fl. USA. Abi Locksmith is on call to correct your Lock Out 24 hours a day, open 7 days a week.

Stay safe. If you have a lockout of your auto, wait in a nearby store or office for protection from outside harm and the elements. Put our number in your phone now. 904 257-8353, Jacksonville, Florida USA. Locked Out Emergencies are never planned. Be prepared with our number ready when it happens to you. We’ll reach you within 20 minutes in Jacksonville, Fl.

Have you lost your keys somehow? Don’t worry, we offer Car Key Replacement with our Mobile Car Key Replacement machine. We can get your keys out of the car with professional, state of the art Car Key Extraction tools.

If the key is broken, we can replace it using the pieces. Get a new key from the professionals and get on your way! Dial (904) 257-8353.

Whatever the situation, if it is a Lock Out, we can get you in. Once you get in, upgrade your home by building an extra room. We can even program car key if needed. Programming your Smartkey is one of our best deals. We can do it with less hassle and more inexpensively than the dealership.

Major Emergency: Perhaps a worst case scenario has occurred; vandalism or a break-in is a devastating situation. Locks are broken or no longer work, windows cannot be locked or your garage is accessible to anyone who wants to enter. Perhaps you only need a simple Lock Change or maybe your entire residence is vulnerable, check that site here.

High security (-) locks and deadbolts on doors and window guards are other means to help keep you secure. Consider our alarm systems for overall protection. Let us install a safe to further protect your valuables. You worked hard for everything you have, protect it with the most up to date technology.

Go Keyless

The Smart key system, utilizing a touchpad and your Blue tooth enabled Smartphone. is an innovative means of protection without using keys. No more fumbling and lingering at the door when you wish to enter. We’re here to explain how to keep your family and belongings safe.

Consider adding protection before a break-in occurs. As Local Professionals, it is our job to know what is going on in your neighborhood and the best way to keep you safe and secure.

Get suggestions and professional advice from our family-owned, local company. We are here to share our knowledge and give you the best advice about your situation before an emergency happens.

Call Abi Locksmith if you’re in Jacksonville. Fl. We work with installers and other repair crews to secure your property. You can sleep safely; knowing you and your family are protected.

Automobile Emergency

Does your Emergency involve your vehicle? Have the locks on your vehicle, truck, van, or SUV been compromised? What about that high-dollar stereo installed in your vehicle, or other expensive items you keep in your automobile? Don’t take a chance. Abi Locksmith in Jacksonville, FL USA is near me, here for you.

Contact us quickly. Don’t spend another unprotected moment. 24-hour service, most days a week, open seven days is our trademark. We’ll be there within 20 minutes to secure your situation with your car or another auto.

A lock change or trunk lockout is speedily corrected with our Car Key Making machine that travels with us. We have the proper tools for car key extraction if that is included in your Emergency. Let us Program Car Key so you can lock from inside your house or the store you are visiting.

Car Lockout Services

Our specialty, Abi Locksmith has the most professional, trustworthy, and friendly locksmith to handle your Emergency lockout. Perhaps it is a Trunk Lockout, with melting groceries or wilting plants that you cannot get out of the trunk. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 904 257-8353. Our 24-hour professional service will make you glad we were there to assist. We’ll save you money by rescuing your food and plants.

Contact us if you have further questions about a lock change. As a Locally Owned Company, we have your best interest at heart. Residential, Commercial, or Auto; expect high-quality service from the trained professionals at Abi Locksmith in Jacksonville.

We are familiar with the situation near your residence or commercial enterprise. Let us explain appropriate protection for you and your part of town in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us today!

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We found him on yelp with great reviews. Great service and very knowledgeable. He is very prompt and friendly. I recommend David doing the locks. He was very quick with changing the locks.
Lynn P.Yelp Reviewer
We change our our business locks from time to time. I used Abi Locksmith in the past when my neighbor recommended him and I was pleased.
Needless to say he did not disappoint. We had all of our locks re-keyed. They all turn smooth as butter.
The technician was quick responsive and professional.
Shmuli N.Yelp Reviewer
Super Fast, honest and reasonable priced service. I locked myself out of my house and he was there in 15 minutes. He explained the price and what he could and couldn’t do nicely, and I highly recommend this service! Thanks again Fella, you are a life saver!
Zach B.Yelp Review


Dealing With An Emergency Lockout

Lockouts frequently happen, whether at home, the office, or the vehicle. While resolving lockouts are our profession, assisting with emergencies are our specialty. Becoming locked out of the car is one scenario that can quickly escalate to a life-threatening situation and one where we urge everyone to take the utmost precautions. Find a place indoors and out of the elements, and wait securely until we can reach you. We are centered in Jacksonville, Florida, and we can reach anyone in our community within twenty minutes of contact. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provide top-rated car key replacement, repair, and installation. Contact us at (904) 257-8353 whenever any emergency lockout situation arises.

Contact Us After A Break-In

Unfortunately, just like lockouts, break-ins occur all the time. Thieves and criminals are generally after valuables and, in the pursuit, violate the security of our vehicles, homes, and commercial properties. After a break-in involving a vehicle, we can be onsite within twenty minutes to replace or upgrade car keys. To heighten security, consider going keyless or using a key fob with a microchip. We can even reprogram smart keys, saving hassle and the cost of a dealership. When a break-in occurs at home, replacing locks and upgrading security becomes vital. Our homes often hold all our most valuable possessions, and it is where we congregate with our loved ones. It is a place we should always feel safe. Immediately after experiencing a break-in, we encourage you to call us at Abi Locksmith to replace the locks on the property. We can install or upgrade existing home security and provide deadbolt and master lock installation.

Improve Security

Just like with a vehicle, going keyless at home can improve security. It allows the owner to lock the property remotely, meaning no one has to wonder if they forgot to lock the front door again. Alarm systems are something we always encourage here at Abi Locksmith as well. A great alarm system can be an excellent deterrent to thieves, as it will alert the authorities within seconds of being set off. Installing master locks and deadbolts is a high-security measure as well. Please email us at info@abilocksmith.com for more information on how we can help bring peace of mind after a break-in at home. Commercial properties can also benefit from keyless entry and upgraded security and installing a master lock and deadbolt. Whether it’s an office or rental property, these are assets that should be kept secure.

Abi Locksmith Is Here To Help

In any kind of emergency lockout, we are here to help. We are a local, family-owned company in Jacksonville, Florida, and we are here for our neighbors. Keeping our community safe and prepared is one of our top priorities. Please reach out to us immediately after experiencing a break-in at home, the office, or with an automobile to provide key replacements or upgrades. Don’t worry if your key or key copy is broken, and we can fix it with our mobile car key making machine. We’re licensed & insured, and the most trusted local locksmiths in the area. We are a reliable, complete locksmith service serving our community since 2010.

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