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Lock Installation near me: DIY Guide for Installing Door Lock Easily

Recent reports show that most home break-ins happen because a door isn’t locked or lock installation near me does not work correctly. If you can’t lock your door, you might as well leave it open and let thieves in.

No one wants to do that, so fixing or replacing the locks is the next best thing. You can efficiently perform it yourself. But calling an expert locksmith is the best option to go for. If you are good at handyman work, replacing security locks might not be too hard.

Lock installation near me: Guide to installing locks easily

  1. When you need to change locks, picking the best ones is the first problem you’ll face. Security locks are available in different styles and types. You have to pick the one which suits your door style the best.

  2. For the outside doors, you need to go with a set of security locks. These locks have deadbolts on their top. Deadlocks are also categorized into different lock installations near types. Find the one which locks from inside along with the lever. Or you can hence have the one locked from inside with a key.

  3. After you’ve chosen the correct type of lock, you’ll need to decide whether the style is right- or left-handed. Which side your door opens from determines the style. Be careful in choosing the right lock type.

  4. After you buy something, the next step is ensuring you have the right tools. You will need a hammer, chisel, and screwdriver. To start the installation, you must remove the old door knob or lock. Doors should be thoroughly cleaned against any dirt or caulk.

  5. Then you can start to put the new locks or door handles in place. First, you should see if the new locks will fit into the holes for the old ones. If you don’t, you must use the chisel to make the holes a bit bigger. Use the pencil to simply mark the area to ensure it stays in the correct size.

  6. Once you’ve put the new lock in the correct size hole, you’ll need to read the instructions for each one. You have to hence install each lock in a certain way. Most of them are easy, but some will need exact steps to fit right.

Types of locks available to choose from for lock installation near me

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Here are a few kinds of locks to choose from for lock installation near me and what they are available for:

  • Padlocks

Padlocks aren’t attached to anything. You can hence easily make it move from one place to another with excellent security. They are hence available in different sizes and two types. One uses a key to open the lock, and the other has a dial that needs a specific number combination to open.

  • Knob locks

Most doors have knob locks, which are the most common type. But you shouldn’t use these as the only protection on an outside door. This is because the knob is easy to break. They offer some safety. There must be a hole in the door for the lock to be installed over it.

  • Deadbolts

In apartments, deadbolts are best used to make them safer. The lock is screwed onto the door and the door jamb. Thus, you don’t need to drill holes inside the door lock.

lock installation abi locksmith jacksonville fl
lock installation abi locksmith jacksonville fl


With this guide on door lock installation, we are sure that you can install the house or office door lock very easily to grant excellent security. Do hire a professional locksmith to make it extra convenient for yourself.

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