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Rekeying vs Lock Replacement: Locksmith Jacksonville Florida’s Guide to Choosing the Effective Solution

When you are planning the security or authorized access to the home, you are often faced with a decision issue. Should you opt for rekeying or go with a lock replacement?

Each option has a specific purpose and there are different costs involved with each method. Here, as the locksmith Jacksonville Florida, we will take you through these options in detail and help understand when to use which method.

Rekeying Option

This is an excellent option as it involves changing the internal locking mechanism. In this case, you don’t go for a new lock. Instead, you simply alter the mechanisms so that the lock remains the same. It is a highly cost-effective approach to solving your locking issues.

The locksmith will alter and replace the pins within the locks. If you were to replace the entire lock, you will spend a dime. However, you can go with this option as it doesn’t impact your pockets heavily.

It is a great option to maintain the security of your property with fewer materials and in less time. The efforts spent in this method are equally less.

The rekeying solutions are useful in specific cases. Here, as the locksmith Jacksonville FL, we will list out all the possible situations where you must go with rekeying.

• When you are moving into a rental property or a new house previously occupied, you might want to update the security. This would mean changing the keys. Instead of replacing the locks, you can rekey the locks and save some money. It will render the existing keys useless for the locks.

• In case you have lost the keys, you may want to secure your homes immediately. In case of stolen keys, this is even more important. You don’t need to alter the hardware with rekeying. This solution allows you to hold onto the infrastructure while changing the keys. This allows you to upgrade the security without giving up on the existing infrastructure.

• It offers greater and economical security upgrade to your commercial or residential property according to the locksmith Jacksonville Florida
• You can gain better control on the keys with rekeying options. This is especially true when you have shared your key with others.

Lock Replacement Options

Lock replacement involves complete infrastructure change. You are replacing the lock in this case. It is not a very cost-effective solution for your commercial or residential property. However, it may be useful in some cases to replace the locks.
1. If you want to upgrade your property with modern security features and advanced systems, you should opt for lock replacement. You can introduce the modern features and functionality that offer better security.

2. In case your locks are worn out or damaged, rekeying will not help. you must opt for replacement in this case. It will ensure a better lock upgrade and offer extensive security to your property.

3. When you are renovating your property, you need a locking system that matches the new aesthetics and udpates. In this case you should go with replacement. It will give you a cohesive look that complements the overall design.

4. If you are stuck with an old and outdated locking system, locksmith Jacksonville FL suggests you upgrade the locks. You can replace the locks with a new version for better security.

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