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Our dwelling is our castle, where we spend most of our free time and make memories with our important others. We want to keep it safe above all else. Abi Locksmith shares ideas and options of how to keep your home and family safe in Jacksonville, Fl USA.

Use our Locally Owned Business to learn how you can keep your House safe and protected. Our Fast and Affordable Options are installed by our Friendly and Professional Locksmith. These may include high security locks, Deadbolts, and Cylinders. Your home may benefit from intercom systems, buzzer systems, or alarm systems. Secure your doors and add window guards. Window guards are particularly important if there are young children in the home. Ask Abi Locksmith for recommendations.

Additional Protection

We are never too safe and comfortable in our House. Let Abi Locksmith fix or Repair broken locks on doors, windows and the garage. Ask us what we can do to make your dwelling more secure.

Remember to Protect the Garage

Often overlooked, the garage is a favorite means of entry for those who shouldn’t be coming in. Limit their opportunities to get into your house this way. Ask Abi Locksmith what we can do to offer additional protection to your garage. Sometimes, changing the code is all it takes to make your garage off-limits to strangers.

Our locksmith, the best in the USA, can Rekey any suspicious door locks and add a system appropriate for your neighborhood. Window guards are important for stopping both indoor and outdoor entrance. Our options are cheap compared to what you might lose in a break-in or vandalism situation.

Cameras and touchscreen locks help you avoid a Residential Emergency. Protect your garage door and don’t allow it to be an unexpected source of entry for a break-in. Visit for a home that’s worth protecting. Alarm systems with cameras are monitored to make sure nothing happens while you’re away from the house. These are additional ways to protect your most valuable possession, your Home and family.

A smart key system is a keyless entry, where a numbered touchpad provides access to your property instead of using a key. Used more often now than in previous years, a Smart key system has numerous benefits and advantages. Our locksmith is happy to explain this system for your residence.

Contact us at (904) 257-8353 to explore your options. As a Locally Owned company, we have your best interest at heart and are familiar with the situation in your neighborhood. We can explain appropriate protection and our recommendations for your residence and your area of town in Jacksonville, Florida USA.

Car Lockout Services Call (904) 257-8353

Our trained professional locksmith will reach your emergency situation within 20 minutes in the Jacksonville city limits. We’re equipped to get into any vehicle, new or old. High-security locks are not a problem.

Our Car Key Making machine is with us, ready to make a replacement for a damaged or broken key. Years of professional experience enable our trained locksmith to deal with your situation efficiently. Let us know when you need us at (904) 257-8353.

Secure Your Apartment Home​

If you live in an Apartment or Condo, we have special security features for these, as well. Just because you’re not in a traditional dwelling does not mean your risks are less or your needs not as important. Let Abi Locksmith show you protection options to keep you safe and secure. Our Professional Locksmith offers a range of options for the security of your Apartment. You deserve safety wherever you chose to live.

Adding safes in the apartment or condo are an additional way to protect your valuables, like cash, money, or guns. Small safes may better fit a smaller floor plan, while still affording additional protection. Ask us about safes that are just the right size for a smaller dwelling.

Contact us if you have further questions about your security. As a Locally Owned Company, we have your best interest at heart. Residential, Commercial, or Auto; expect high-quality service from the trained professionals at Abi Locksmith in Jacksonville.

We are familiar with the situation near your residence or commercial enterprise. Let us explain appropriate protection for you and your part of town in Jacksonville, Florida USA. Contact us today!

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We found him on yelp with great reviews. Great service and very knowledgeable. He is very prompt and friendly. I recommend David doing the locks. He was very quick with changing the locks.
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We change our our business locks from time to time. I used Abi Locksmith in the past when my neighbor recommended him and I was pleased.
Needless to say he did not disappoint. We had all of our locks re-keyed. They all turn smooth as butter.
The technician was quick responsive and professional.
Shmuli N.Yelp Reviewer
Super Fast, honest and reasonable priced service. I locked myself out of my house and he was there in 15 minutes. He explained the price and what he could and couldn’t do nicely, and I highly recommend this service! Thanks again Fella, you are a life saver!
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Keeping The Home Guarded

Our homes are our sanctuaries. We live, learn, and grow there. They harbor some of our fondest memories and most valued possessions. It’s where our families and we feel safe. When that safety gets invaded via a break-in, restoring peace and security is priority number one. Here at Abi Locksmith, we believe in helping our neighbors stay safe. As a locally owned and operated company in Jacksonville, Florida, we are a family too and know how to reinforce security to return safely to the home. We are a complete locksmith service that can provide a reliable key replacement or upgraded security systems.

Residential Services

Even if it’s not an emergency, scenarios occur when a residential property owner requires a locksmith’s skills. People get locked out of the house all the time when the keys are left forgotten upstairs, and the door locks behind them. Maybe that old door lock isn’t working correctly, so the property is never really secure to begin with. We can install new locks with ease. For those looking to upgrade existing security, we have high-security locks, deadbolts, and cylinders. We can also provide recommendations for window guards, just give us a call at (904) 257-8353 for more information. Window guards are an especially good idea if younger children are residing in the home.

Protect All Points Of Entry

It does happen where people do not break into a home through the front door; they may take advantage of other points of entry. Garages and windows can provide much lower security, and make entering the property much more comfortable. Be sure to upgrade all points of entry on a home. We can provide enhanced garage locks and locking systems. Coded entry systems sometimes remain the same for long periods, and simply changing the code can be an effective deterrent for those who should not be entering the property. Adding a keyless entry may be an alternative to standard keys that would be suitable for the property. Instead of utilizing a physical key, a numerical code is entered onto a keypad. This makes losing keys and needing a key copy a thing of the past.

Protect Your Apartment Or Condo

Renting a property does not mean that it should be insecure. There are many safe options available; email us at to find out more information. Adding a small safe can be an excellent security option, and Abi Locksmith can provide anyone with recommendations on sizing and security of different safe types. Security cameras are a simple and effective way to know what is happening at the property and can be installed with ease. Whether renting or owning a property, security should always be a top priority. We are a family-owned company, and we strive to keep our community safe. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with any lockout, lock replacement, key replacement, or key repair. As a full-service locksmith, we are here for Jacksonville, Florida.

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