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Sliding Door Lock Repair near me: Types of Door Locks to Pick

Are you looking for best door locks for sliding door lock repair near me? How can you lock sliding glass doors that don’t open and close like ordinary ones? These doors allow a lot of light and look fantastic, but they don’t work the same way. Everyone wants their houses to stay secure. We investigated the matter to determine which locks are the most effective for sliding glass doors.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these designs because they each function somewhat uniquely. That way, you’ll better understand which option is ideal for your sliding glass doors. Please keep reading.

Different Types of Locks to Choose for Sliding Door Lock Repair near me

·       Twin bolt locks

Putting up twin bolt locks is one way to improve the security of sliding glass doors. You can add a lock to a door that does not currently have one quickly and straightforwardly using this method.

They are effective due to the bolts that lock into each other. But some property owners are conscious of how well they would function if an invader were determined.

·       Offset Thumb Turn Lock

This style of lock for sliding door lock repair near me functions similarly to a mortise and hook lock. The latch is mounted to the door rather than the frame and hooks into a receiver located on the frame. The thumb latch on this lock is then integrated into the handle, making it distinct from other locks.

The vast majority of the time, a key brought in from the outside will not be able to unlock this lock. On the other hand, if you want to be able to unlock a locked patio door from the outside using a key, you can get models that come with keys.

·       Sliding Door Loop Lock

This lock for sliding door lock repair near me is an add-on that can be available highly quickly and easily. You can mount the locks on the top of your door’s interior at your discretion.

Alternately, it can link two doors together if there are two of them. Pull the shorter loop into the receiver while simultaneously lifting the longer loop. To open the door, pull it up and out.

·       Keyed Lock system

You can open and close the sliding glass doors with keys from inside or outside the building. There are a few distinct types, including the mortise set and the thumb set, among others.

This particular lock for sliding door lock repair near me is a flush mount variety that can have a key inserted from the exterior. You can hence install these locks into the knock-out hole that could already be present on your sliding glass door. The use of this lock type is quite a lot common to use for house security.

·       Door Lock Pin

In this style of lock, a sliding door panel’s frame features a protrusion that houses a steel pin. To hence ensure that the door remains closed, it is designed to be inserted into the fixed panel frame.

A holder available out of steel is best to store the pin which you are not using. When the door is closed or opened to let air in, this straightforward safety mechanism prevents the active door panel from moving along the track or being lifted off. You will find the everyday use of this lock type in houses and offices.


So that wraps things up. There are different excellent locks available for sliding glass doors, each of which may be installed differently and is easier to operate than other locks. ask your local locksmith for help

You will feel more secure if you have a way to lock your sliding doors, and most of these locks are available at quite reasonable prices. The ability to get by with a relatively low-stress level is precious.

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