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Add convenience and security to your residence or business property with a Smart key system. For those still accustomed to traditional keys, let us explain what comprises this type of system.

A smart key system uses keyless entry, where a numbered touchpad provides access to your property in place of using a key. Aside from the benefit of lightening that heavy keychain, a smart system adds protection and safety to the office or dwelling where you use it. Ease of access has never before been such a great option.

Cameras and touchscreen locks sometimes accompany the Smart key system and work in unison to help you avoid a Residential or Business Emergency. Some systems operate exclusively through your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone.

Remember to Protect the Garage Door

Protect your garage door so it is not an unexpected source of entry for an intruder. Some camera alarm systems monitor your residence while you’re away from your house. Sometimes you watch yourself, through your Bluetooth enabled device.

With some systems, you can monitor activity in your house through your Smartphone, bringing you peace of mind. Download the appropriate app, calibrate your phone with your system, and you have options unheard of a few years ago, such as:

  • Tap to Enter, after coding into your phone.
  • Monitor with your phone when you’re away
  • Send your code to locked out family members
  • Burglars or other intruders cannot get through when the digital encryption mode is enabled.
  • Hold a conversation with someone who is at your door, when you’re not in the residence

Let us hear from you about your interest in our Smart key systems. Contact us at (904) 257-8353 to explore your options. As a Locally Owned Business, we have your best interest at heart and are familiar with the situation near your residence or business enterprise. Let us explain appropriate protection for you and the area where you’re located in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Our trained professional locksmith will reach your emergency situation within 20 minutes in the Jacksonville city limits. We’re equipped to get into any vehicle, new or old. High-security locks are not a problem.

Our Car Key Making machine is with us, ready to make a replacement for a damaged or broken key. Years of professional experience enable our trained locksmith to deal with your situation efficiently. Let us know when you need us at (904) 257-8353.

Repair or Upgrade SmartKey Systems

Perhaps you’ve had a Smart system for some time and it is in need of updates or repairs. Did you DIY a Smart key system when they first became available? Maybe you’ve noticed a few little glitches that don’t allow the system to operate just right.

Are the cylinders binding? Perhaps you want to reverse cylinders or rekey a pin and tumbler. Or maybe those locks need to re-keyed. Let us help.

We can get your system back to appropriate working condition or explain an upgrade. Don’t risk the security of your family or your valuable belongings. Contact Abi locksmith.

Of course, the Smart key system works in your auto If you need programming for your Smartkey, see us first! We save you money and time! Replace your Smartkey for less than our competitors and less than the dealership. Contact us at (904) 257-8353 to explore your options in Jacksonville.

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What Is A Smart Key Lock System?

 We’ve all seen and utilized traditional keys: formed pieces of metal designed to fit specific locks, allowing for entry to only that one key. There are several challenges with conventional locks: for starters, those with even the most rudimentary lockpicking skills can often circumvent them. Secondly, it is incredibly easy to lose the key, forcing the whole locking system to be replaced for fear of who would now have access to the property. While they can be useful, consider upgrading to a smart key entry system. Intelligent key entry systems utilize a keypad, wherein a numerical code is entered, and the locking system unlocks. The code is specific to the user and allows for ease of access along with heightened security. 

When To Upgrade To A Smart Key

 Smart key systems allow for efficiency and ease of operation, as well as increased safety. While they may not be for everyone, they are undoubtedly useful in commercial, residential property and office spaces. Even adding a keycard system may be beneficial here. There are specific security camera systems and touchscreen devices that work in tandem with smart key systems, ensuring safety, and preventing a potential emergency. They can even be operated from a smartphone or mobile device, meaning that no matter location, security is always intact. Vacations need not be stressful where the protection of the property is concerned. Upgrading to a smart key system is a matter of preference, but it does allow for several key security features directly not available to traditional lock and key systems. 

Smart Keys For Multiple Points Of Entry

 An often overlooked point of entry, the garage can be a potential breach of security. By adding a coded entry system, the privacy and safety of the property can be maintained. Upgraded alarm systems can be wired to sound if the door is opened without authorization, or even windows and back doors. Securing all access points allows for a safe and secure property all around. With the modern advancements in keyless entry, there are so many mobile options that simply never existed before. Being a remote landlord or guest host is much simpler with coded entries, allowing the codes to be changed via smartphone. Sharing the code is easy and secure as well, meaning a family member can be sent the code via a smart device, and remain safe without having to wait to be let in. 

Safety, Security, And Peace Of Mind

 Smart keys allow for safety, security, and increased peace of mind. Many properties, be they residential or commercial, are taking advantage of the modern keyless entry systems. Being able to control the security of a property via Bluetooth is incredible, and makes losing keys archaic. We can update the system of any property and ensure all points of entry are safe. Never again will anyone worry about forgetting to lock the garage or the front door, as mobile security continues to rise. Call us today at (904) 257-8353 to assist in upgrading old security systems or maintaining new ones. If a property already has a smart key system but has had it for several years, it might be due for maintenance. If there are any glitches or the cylinders are binding, or there is a need for rekeying a pin and tumbler, contact us today.

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