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What Steps Should You Take When You Lose Your Key?

Did you just lose your keys? Don’t worry! It has happened to almost everybody at some point in life. You grab your keys but they aren’t where they should be when you need to start your car. Frustrating. Isn’t it?
Unfortunately, you rarely find out you’ve lost your keys when it’s convenient. Losing keys is never fun. It can eat all your precious time and also lead to major stress. So if you’re wondering what to do in such a situation, then here are steps to take instead of panicking.

1. Be Mindful and Overlook

The very first thing you should do is to double-check your purses, pocket, wallets, backpacks, etc. Sometimes not overlooking your keys can be a mistake. So dig through and make sure your keys aren’t hiding. Next, remember to be mindful in order to mentally retrace your steps. It can happen sometimes that you’d share your keys with someone or left them somewhere.

2. Use a Spare Key

Another step you should take when you lose a key is to use a spare key. Making a duplicate of your original door key is neither difficult nor expensive, so do it. Choose which keys you should make a copy of by weighing the risk of permanently losing them against the inconvenience and cost of doing so beforehand. If you do decide to do it, remember where you kept the spares. Make sure you reach a professional locksmith in Jacksonville as he/she might help you have one.

3. Call a Locksmith

Is it tempting to sneak into your car using weird ways? Calling a Jacksonville Fl car locksmith will help you save money, tidy up, and avoid an emergency. Even if you’ve discovered your keys but are unable to access them, such as when they are locked in your car and you don’t have a replacement key, a locksmith is also your best bet. A professional locksmith in Jacksonville can assist you in rapidly unlocking your car without causing any damage to your personal stuff as they are skilled and come with all the necessary tools.

4. Contact the Police

In addition to seeking help from a Jacksonville Fl car locksmith, another important step is to call the police. You might think you’ve lost it but what if it actually has been stolen? So if you fail to find it, then file a police report with your nearby department. Sometimes, police are given keys they find on the streets or in public spaces, and the keys are held in a central location.

5. Take Preventive Measures

Whether you’ve already been in this situation or are scared already, taking preventive measures is the best step. This will not only keep you away from stress in future but also save you valuable time. So put your old/new keys in a location that is safe and convenient, like your workplace or garage. Avoid clear or more conspicuous locations like a mailbox or flower pot as many burglars start there.

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